Support from ICEM - International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions

Brussels May 20, 1998


The undersigned have through information in media, learned about the plans for outsourcing in Saga, as announced by the new corporate president Diderik Schnitler on the 15th of May. In my opinion it is a great mistake being made by the company, declaring outsourcing of services as a main objective. Instead of building and strenghtening the organisation and community in one of Norway's largest companies, the new president directs his efforts towards the creation of discord and division.

The fact that Saga brings forth such plans of is of course quite unheard, but the way it was done, is worse. The new strategy of the president is launched officialy without discussions with the local representatives in advance. This announcement lead to great unsecurity among the employees, and many have become afraid to loose their work and good working conditions.

With this letter I wish to protest against Saga Petroleum's effort to get rid of employees in IT, Economics / Accounts and Office services, and I ask the president and the management to reconsider this decision while it is still possible.

Yours sincerely

Victor E. Thorpe
ICEM General Secretary